Master Your Body – The "No Equipment Necessary" Complete Fitness Program (DVD)

Master Your Body DVD

This fast paced DVD provides a "follow along " exercise video, plus bonus instructional videos for each exercise at all three levels -beginner, moderate and advanced versions! This exercise focuses on strengthening and flattening your lower abdominal muscles, boosting the support for your lower back, and for guys, this exercise does something really cool… I’ll just leave it at that.

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Sample Instructional Video: Station Two: The Stability Challenge / Balance Bird Exercise.


Sample from the Full Workout: Station Four: The Core Challenge / AB Dog Exercise. 


*Become a Certified MYB Instructor!
Can you become a certified MYB instructor?  You bet!  MYB is already being taught throughout the state of TN by 36 certified MYB trainers from the University of Tennessee Health Extension Department.  If you live in TN you can join a class!  For info go to the UT website ( ) for more info.

For information on how you can become certified and teach this as a class in community centers, fitness centers, at your workplace, school, or virtually anywhere, contact Andy Core.

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